This project is part of the research on human-marine nature relationships conducted at Åbo Akademi University within the research profile The Sea. The research profile is one of Åbo Akademi University’s strategic areas of research. The overarching aim is to find solutions that enable coexistence of the modern society and the sea.

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The exhibition and the project are specifically linked to the research conducted by marine biologists and researchers Anna Törnroos-Remes and Jolanda Linsén. The main question within Jolanda’s doctoral candidate project is what wild marine organisms mean to us humans? The project aims to answer this question within the context of biodiversity and ecosystem services. 

This project and exhibition is funded by the Swedish Cultural Fundation in Finland and the research profile The Sea at Åbo Akademi University.

Ann Lindholm has worked as a project assistant and Linda Svarfvar at StudioSvarte has done the graphic design of the exhibition material.

Another project related to the topic of human-sea relationships within The Sea is SeaHer - Living with the Baltic Sea in a changing climate. The project is lead by Assoc. Prof. Nina Tynkkynen and focuses on environmental experience, knowledge and skills, in other words ‘environmental heritage’, that is gained by living and acting in the Finnish coastal area and archipelago of the Baltic Sea.

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